Rita Farhi Finds
09 Jun 2021
Lina Stores: Delicious Italian Deli You Have To Check Out
Lina Stores is considered as one of London's most Instagrammable restaurants. You must have seen its iconic green striped facade or a picture of its tapas sized Italian dishes served on green plates at one point. But, have you actually tasted their dishes or shopped at their deli?
Before the pandemic, I must admit I have visited Lina Stores very few times simply because of its locations. They are not my local. When the lockdown came into effect, like many other restaurants, Lina Stores started to focus on delivering fresh pastas and essentials to your doorstep. This gave me an opportunity to order food from them. We especially fell in love with their pizza base, and fresh mozzarella to create our own pizza, so much so that we order it once a week and create a different type of pizza each week! My husband says it's the best pizza he has ever had and we are converted for good. I am not sure if we will ever order takeaway pizza again...
Lina Stores online delivery offers more than pizza, too. You can order fresh pasta, pasta sauces, small tapas dishes, and Italian cheeses. You can create the Italian atmosphere at home. Having said that, there is a real cute atmosphere when you go to their shop and they had just opened up a new place in King's Cross just before Covid hit town. If you are ever in the area of either location now, it's definitely worth a visit.
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Lina Stores
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Greek Street - W1D, Stable Street - N1C, Brewer Street - W1F